Your Busted Apple MagSafe Cords Power These Clever Lamps

The MagSafe power cord is one of Apple's smartest features. They tend to crap out after a few months of hard use, though, thanks either to your poor wire-wrapping technique or your dog's penchant for copper wire. But that doesn't have to be the end of the line. » 8/14/13 11:20am 8/14/13 11:20am

Would These Concept Power Cables Make Your Life Easier?

Despite making almost everything we use every day of our lives work, power cables are despised, and we haven't innovated our way out of them yet. This nesting concept cable, however, aims to tame the jungle. But would it work? » 10/04/10 10:40pm 10/04/10 10:40pm

How To Properly Wrap Up Your MacBook Power Cord

Click to viewOdds are high that you're not wrapping your Macbook's power cord up properly when you shove it in a bag. This video will show you what you should be doing to avoid damaging the delicate cable. [Tested via Lifehacker] » 8/12/10 11:40pm 8/12/10 11:40pm

Bring Pleasing Visual Conformity to Cabling With the Rigid E-Line Cord

Turn your death-trap of precarious wiring into a design feature with E-Line. By placing a grooved, flexible exo-skin around the inner power cord, E-Line creates a semi-rigid cable you're able to spend hours obsessively tidying into a pleasing shape. » 7/07/10 5:26am 7/07/10 5:26am

Lamp Mummified by Power Cord

If Tutankhamun died today, no one would wrap the pharaoh in cloth—that stuff is useless when one's body rises again in the afterlife. What any guy always needs on hand is a long, radioactive orange extension cord. » 10/13/09 10:50am 10/13/09 10:50am

HP Ships Power Cord in Giant Box With Attached Pallet

If you get a package this size, reinforced with a wooden pallet, your first thought is probably that you've accidentally received, say, six laptops, or a fridge, or a mid-sized sedan. But you'd be wrong. » 8/22/09 6:30pm 8/22/09 6:30pm

The GameDr Doesn't Have a Ph.D, But Will Drive Your Kids Nuts

I'm so very glad this didn't come out twenty years ago, or my parents would have used it to set my console usage at 15 minute increments, allowing me to never reach a save point. » 5/19/09 6:59pm 5/19/09 6:59pm