Nike Designer Says Marty McFly's Power Laces Are Coming Next Year

If there was one disappointment about Nike's awesome Back to the Future II Air Mag, it's that the shoes didn't have Marty's power laces (and that they only made 1,500 and neither you nor I own a pair). But Nike designer Tinker Hatfield says that's about to change—power laces are coming in 2015. The future is here! » 2/15/14 2:00pm 2/15/14 2:00pm

The Second Prototype Of The Power Laces Brings Back To The Future II

The original prototype of the Back to the Future II-inspired Power Laces were cool but needed a bulky motor attached to the heel. This second prototype doesn't. They're also way more awesome and with donations, could become real. [Power-Laces via CrunchGear] » 9/01/10 9:20pm 9/01/10 9:20pm

Help Please: Power Laces Project For the Back to the Future 2015…

The Nike Hyperdunks 2015 edition are cool reminders of the love we all have for Back to the Future. But I think you'll agree when I say they'd be like 100x cooler with power laces. So I've been chatting up Phil Torrone, Nick Bilton, and a few others nerds to get some ideas on how to do it. We're researching how to make … » 8/04/08 9:00am 8/04/08 9:00am