Controlling Bubbles in Boiling Water Could Make Power Plants More Efficient 

The act of boiling water helps us brew coffee and cook pasta—and it’s also what fuels most of the world’s energy sources. But boiling is really all about the bubbles, and until now their formation had been seen as random and haphazard. MIT engineers say they can now control the formation of bubbles, which might change… »10/28/15 9:20am10/28/15 9:20am

The Abandoned Communist Nuclear Reactor That Could Have Killed Us All

Just 90 miles off the tip of Florida lies a half-baked, abandoned relic of the Cold War-era arms race—what was once going to be a joint Cuban-Soviet nuclear reactor. And thank god it never panned out. Because not only do we now have these incredible shots from photographer Darmon Richter, but every last aspect of… »10/09/14 2:56pm10/09/14 2:56pm

Toshiba Builds Personal-Sized Micro Nuclear Reactor? Huh?

Here's an idea that's not going to go over well with the Department of Homeland Security: Toshiba has reportedly developed a nuclear reactor that will fit in your basement. Measuring 20 feet wide by 6 feet long, it cranks out 200kW and doesn't even require Homer Simpson to operate, since it's supposedly totally… »12/18/07 1:21pm12/18/07 1:21pm

Flying Power Plants to Generate Electricity in the Future

The idea sounds simple. If winds are stronger than 10km up in the air, why not build a power plant that can harness that energy? That's what Cali-based Sky WindPower is proposing with their flying power plants. But how would these plants work and more importantly, how much cash would be saved? Well, the ideas is to.... »4/04/07 4:56pm4/04/07 4:56pm