Lightning Review: Brando's Power Station iPhone Charger

The Gadget: Brando's Power Station, a portable battery pack for your iPhone that slides easily into your dock connection for charging away from a socket or a USB connection. The Power Station, in turn, is charged from ITS dock connection, so you can use the same charger for both devices. Comes in white and black. » 8/07/08 7:00pm 8/07/08 7:00pm

Brando's Power Station Holds 1000mAh, Title For Cheapest iPhone Battery

We're not sure if Brando's version of the external iPhone battery pack bests the others we've seen in performance, but it's definitely the cheapest by far. At $25, it's a whole $18 cheaper than the iPhoneck, and half as costly as Macally's PowerLink. Is it any good? No clue yet. But it's cheap, which is all some… » 7/25/08 1:40pm 7/25/08 1:40pm

World's First Tidal Turbine Power Station Goes Online, Doesn't Blend Seals

However exciting the rubber robot snake wave power generator sounds, a real seagoing power station is way more interesting. And over in the UK, they've just turned on the world's first commercial tidal power generator station. SeaGen is situated in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, and it has twin turbines that spin… » 7/21/08 7:09am 7/21/08 7:09am