Earthwatts Power Supply: Frag Efficiently

Power supplies don't catch our eyes very often, but the Earthwatts power supply by Antec is ecologically impressive. While most power supplies distribute various power to components sloppily without worrying about efficiency, the Earthwatts meets the 80-plus standard, meaning it runs at 80% efficiency no matter what… » 12/16/06 12:30pm 12/16/06 12:30pm

Aerocool Power Supply with Sockets Instead of Too-Many-Cables

PC case modders know that power supply units (PSU) usually have a spaghetti bowl's worth of cables along for the ride, and what do you do with that mess if you don't need them all? This Aerocool Turbine Power 550-watt PSU solves that problem, letting you add just the cables you'll use, plugging them into its… » 9/08/06 11:08am 9/08/06 11:08am