Do Phones Need to Come With Chargers These Days?

UK carrier O2 is taking a pretty bold step: an as-yet-unannounced new HTC handset that it's selling will come without a charger in the box. O2 claims it's an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, but maybe it's just the future. » 9/26/12 4:53am 9/26/12 4:53am

5,000 Volts Is More Than Enough Power To Crush a Soda Can

Bob Davis scored a complete power supply including a 5 KV transformer, 100 uf Capacitor and a contactor on eBay for $100 and did what any sane person would do—he built a can crusher. » 11/06/09 8:40pm 11/06/09 8:40pm

The GameDr Doesn't Have a Ph.D, But Will Drive Your Kids Nuts

I'm so very glad this didn't come out twenty years ago, or my parents would have used it to set my console usage at 15 minute increments, allowing me to never reach a save point. » 5/19/09 6:59pm 5/19/09 6:59pm

Portable USB Power Supply Doubles as a Flashlight

Unlike so many other » 10/29/08 6:00pm 10/29/08 6:00pm portable backup power supplies, this version from USB Geek can do more than just one boring trick. When it's not charging your portable gadgets, the power supply doubles a handy little flashlight. In other words, it's convergence that actually makes some sense. Plus, it comes with every charging…

How To: Power Your Computer With Car Batteries

Taking a lesson from the Tim Allen school of modding, one man rebuilt his UPS with a bit more kick. Because the UPS was only able to run his RAID-wielding desktop for three minutes before shutting down, he decided to add two 24V car batteries to the equation (the maximum that his UPS could tolerate). The good news:… » 3/03/08 8:36am 3/03/08 8:36am

ThermalTake's Outrageous 1500W Power Supply

If you are into building your own computers, you know how expensive it is to keep up with the latest hardware requirements. That having been said, if you are planning on building a quad-core rig sometime in the near future, you can now step up to 1500W of power (1600W peak) thanks to the latest model in the… » 11/17/07 9:00am 11/17/07 9:00am

Man Reviews 105 Power Supplies, Goes Insane, Recommends a Few

If you're hardcore enough to review 105 power supplies, you'd better have some kind of spectacular testing regimen in place. The guys at matbe do, and they've come out the other side with a handful of recommendations on which one you should buy. » 4/26/07 5:45pm 4/26/07 5:45pm

Keian Gaia 1200 Power Supply Has 1400W Peaks, Feeds Quad-Everything,…

Perhaps requiring your own nuclear reactor to run, the Keian Gaia 1200W is a power supply that not only looks better than most PC, but can also feed everything. And with everything, I mean everything, from dual Quad-core processors (both Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Socket AM2 processors are supported), to three Quad SLI… » 3/07/07 5:35am 3/07/07 5:35am

CES 2007: 2000W ATX Power Supply From Ultra Products

If you feel the need to have a nuclear reactor in your gaming case, the 2000W ATX Power Supply from Ultra Products should be enough for you. Being unveiled at CES, the 2000W PS is modular, and feeds up to 1800W on the 12V connection alone. » 1/03/07 6:10pm 1/03/07 6:10pm

NEC Desktops Go Up in Flames

Just when we thought we had heard the last of the exploding-laptop stories, word has it that two NEC desktops in Japan have caught fire. In both cases, the fire was due to a faulty coil in the power supply, which NEC said they'd replace at no charge to their customers. Fortunately, there were no injuries to report of… » 12/18/06 5:44pm 12/18/06 5:44pm

MacBook Power Supply Is Normal-Sized, Praise Jobs

Zack wrote in to point out that the power supply that comes with the newly-announced MacBook is "normal size now", instead of the huge white monstrosity that surprised those of us who purchased MacBook Pros. Like Zach, we wish Apple would replace the gigantic power supplies with the newer smaller ones, but we're not… » 5/16/06 3:59pm 5/16/06 3:59pm