The Nerdiest Thing I've Ever Wanted

Wi-Fi sucks. Well, it sucks if your router is lurking in a subterranean realm of your apartment and your gaming rig is located aboveground with an iron staircase in between the two and you don't want to run 100 meters of cable or wire the apartment with ethernet because you don't own the building. » 12/26/11 6:00pm 12/26/11 6:00pm

Netgear 200Mbps Powerline HD Networking

Netgear will release a powerline networking device that it says will be capable of 200Mb-per-second throughput through a home s existing wiring, eliminating the need for stringing network cables all over the place. It uses a chipset developed by Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2), which Netgear says is dependable and… » 2/23/06 11:41am 2/23/06 11:41am