Epson First to Drop Below $2K With 1080p Projector

Last year, Epson brought the price of 1080p projectors down to $2,700 » 9/04/08 11:20am 9/04/08 11:20am and today it's dropping it again, to $2,000 (officially $1,999) for the all-new Powerlite Home Cinema 6100. We're not saying it's going to be as high-performance as or new $3,500 projectors, but damn if that's not the right price to build yourself…

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 720 Projector Has a Rock-Bottom Price

Epson stretches deep into the cheap seats with its PowerLite Home Cinema 720 (the similar Home Cinema 400 is pictured here), figuring in a lot of the higher-end attributes of its Epson Home Cinema 1080 big brother at a rock-bottom price of $1,299. Out back there's an HDMI port and all the other usual suspects, and its… » 10/22/07 11:15am 10/22/07 11:15am

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080 UB, Cheapest 1080p Projector in the World

We got a close-up look at the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080 UB projector we scooped for you the other day, the cheapest 1080p projector in the world at an unofficial $2699 (but that might not be the exact number, according to Epson). Epson added a new chipset that raised its native (not dynamic) contrast ratio to… » 9/06/07 2:45pm 9/06/07 2:45pm

Epson to Ship Lowest-Priced 1080p Projector Yet

We just got the scoop from Epson: the company says it will indeed deliver that new-and-improved 1080p projector that we told you about earlier today to the United States this December. It will be called the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 UB, and most startling of all is its price: $2699, a full $300 less than its… » 9/04/07 1:57pm 9/04/07 1:57pm

Epson Premiere Ensemble, The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Hi-Def Home Cinema System

Home cinema means high-def projector, surround-sound speakers, a booming subwoofer, and putting some custom installer's kid through college. Epson knows projector setup is a pain, so it has developed the Premiere Ensemble a system that's supposed to get you from in-the-box to in-the-couch in four hours. It's not… » 7/10/07 6:51pm 7/10/07 6:51pm

Epson PowerLite Cinema 400 Projector: LCD-Driven, and HD Ready

The Epson PowerLite Cinema 400 Projector is a follow up to last year's PowerLite Cinema 550. Comparatively, this new model is priced at $1599.99 ($900 dollars less), with 1500 lumens (vs 1400), and the same 720p resolution. It's nice to see HD projectors dropping in price—in five years time, we'll see them in cracker… » 8/28/06 8:15pm 8/28/06 8:15pm