Cheap, Solar-Power-Everywhere Nanosolar PowerSheets Go On Sale, Really Are Cheap

Unlike a lot of other energy-crisis solving tech that bursts into vapor at the last minute, the award-winning and groundbreaking Nanosolar PowerSheets are actually on sale today. They're super cheap, ultra-adaptable solar panels that can be printed on the side of pretty much anything, promising solar power anywhere… »12/18/07 8:00am12/18/07 8:00am


Nanosolar PowerSheets Promise Cheap Solar Power Everywhere, Unlimited Gadget Energy

Winning the Green Tech Grand Award and "Innovation of the Year" nods from Pop Sci, Nanosolar PowerSheets pack a whole lot of potential into their Paris Hilton-cheap, Nicole Richie-thin panels—we're talking solar power for 30 cents a watt, compared to the $3 it costs now, without silicon or laying the panels on glass.… »11/15/07 7:00pm11/15/07 7:00pm