Charge an iPod With Vodka? Sounds Educational, Incapacitating

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have launched the the Bio Energy Discovery Kit, a product that they are calling "the fuel cell industry's first direct ethanol product." The kit directly converts alcohol into electricity and can run non-stop for days on end. The purpose of the kit is to introduce fuel cell technology to… »8/19/08 8:20pm8/19/08 8:20pm

Xantrex XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 Portable Battery Backup Weighs a Pound

Xantrex, isn't only the King of the Southern Elves. He makes mini battery backup systems. This one's a paperback-sized portable power source theoretically good for an extra 2.5 hours on your laptop. It also has USB ports for charging phones and other gadgets that can feed off of them. And a 12-volt car power inverter,… »8/29/06 12:39pm8/29/06 12:39pm