Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light Offers Seven Tendrils, Five Modes

Did somebody take a Power Squid and turn it into a seven-headed hydra of a flashlight? Yep, kinda. It's the Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light, with seven articulated legs springing out of its casing, each leg with a versatile LED in the end with five lighting modes. You can have a focused white flashlight, a more diffused… »9/28/06 10:00am9/28/06 10:00am


PowerSquid SQ3K Calamari Edition Many Tentacled Powerstrip

PowerSquid outfit their original AC power strip with a surge protector, an audible alarm system, and electronic and radio noise filters. It also has phone and coaxial surge protectors, which I've found a nuisance to hook up, but there's no sense in grounding your power cables only to have lightning jump through your… »9/20/06 11:25pm9/20/06 11:25pm