Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S Has 3x Faster GPU Than Snapdragon

AndroidAndMe has rewatched the Samsung Galaxy S keynote from earlier in the week (barrel of laughs 'round their way!) and realized that the 1GHz chip they mentioned—which can "process a staggering 90 million triangles per second" actually works out to three times faster than the Snapdragon processor. » 3/26/10 10:24am 3/26/10 10:24am

Unreal Engine 3 Got Ported to Palm's webOS Too

Unreal Engine 3? The graphics engine that powers many, many games (Gears of War, Mass Effect, Arkham Asylum) on consoles today? Ported on to Palm's webOS? Neat, but not as neat as you'd think. » 3/11/10 2:15pm 3/11/10 2:15pm

You Will Have the Power of a PS3 In Your Pocket In 3 Years

I spoke to Imagination Technologies—maker of the PowerVR chip that powers smartphones like the iPhone, Droid and many others—and they said, definitively, that you'll have graphics comparable to the PlayStation 3 in 3 years. » 3/10/10 3:38pm 3/10/10 3:38pm

iPad Will Use the Same Type of PowerVR SGX Graphics Chip as…

The iPhone 3.2 Beta 3 SDK documentation confirmed that developing OpenGL ES on the iPad is the same as developing OpenGL ES on other iPhone devices, using the "same basic capabilities as other SGX devices." We've been saying that the iPad was going to use the same basic chip, a PowerVR SGX, for a while now, both for… » 2/23/10 5:40pm 2/23/10 5:40pm

A Last Minute Consideration of the Apple Tablet's Guts

It's pretty much agreed that the magical thing about the Apple tablet, the reason it could succeed where every other has failed, is going to be the interface. The software. But what's under the hood? » 1/26/10 7:10pm 1/26/10 7:10pm