An Ode to the Old Art of Making Prank Phone Calls

Remember when we were growing up (separately, obviously), and those few times we tried prank calling? That was fun. I still remember my parents scolding my younger sister after I dobbed on her. Fun times! The Hairpin revisits those innocent childhood games, which un/forunately are a thing of the past now thanks to… » 3/08/11 3:20pm 3/08/11 3:20pm

FoneJacker: Naughty Tech Support Prank (NSFW)

Fonejacker, or Kayvan Novak, has a new entry in his prank call series where he prank-calls a tech support line to try to figure out how to play back a video that may or may not be naughty. He uses a Mac Genius as a stand- in this time, and one of our readers tells us that he actually knows who the guy is and showed… » 7/26/07 4:20pm 7/26/07 4:20pm