Brooklyn's Best NYE Tradition Ends Tonight 

If Times Square is too gaudy, crowded, and frankly insane for you, then there is another New York tradition worth your New Year's Eve—one that is, in fact, ending tonight. For the past fifty years, the Pratt Institute has set out its amazing collection of big old steam whistles out on the lawn of its Brooklyn campus.… » 12/31/14 5:30pm 12/31/14 5:30pm

Pratt t1-12 Living Room Chair And More At Pratt Show 2006

Inspired by graffiti, t1-12 is a living room chair that integrates healthy postures and spinal stretching into home furniture. As an alternative to lying or slouching on a couch, the t1-12 challenges convention by providing moderate to extreme stretching positions that alleviate spinal compression. A couch potato no… » 5/02/06 10:35am 5/02/06 10:35am