Is WebOS Hosed?

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, the guy who resurrected Palm, is leaving HP's Palm unit (no longer called Palm, to boot). Taking over is Stephen DeWitt, HP's U.S. computer overlord. This isn't good for webOS. In fact, It's terrible. » 7/11/11 7:20pm 7/11/11 7:20pm

HP Pre 3 Goes Giant With a 3.6-inch Screen, 1.4GHz Processor

Palm/HP is targeting the Pre 3 as a "business"-class phone, even though it's got the same body shape as the previous Pres. It has their largest keyboard, a larger 3.6-inch 480x800 display, and a 5-megapixel camera. » 2/09/11 1:37pm 2/09/11 1:37pm

You Can Buy the Palm Pre 2 for $450 From Today

Running webOS 2.0 and sporting a 1GHz processor, the GSM version of the Pre 2 is now on sale unlocked for $450 over at HP's site. [HP via BGR] » 11/18/10 7:15am 11/18/10 7:15am

Sprint Drops Pre and Pixi Pricing to $50 and Free

Those of you looking for a free smartphone will have another option, with Palm's Pixi available for a cool zero dollars with a two year contract. The Pre will also see a discount to $50, with mail-in rebate. [Engadget] » 9/21/10 6:17pm 9/21/10 6:17pm

Palm WebOS 2.0: Now This Is Multitasking

WebOS 2.0. It's really happening, and it's coming soon. Amidst the turmoil and the headlines and the doom-dropping, Palm's been busy: WebOS 2.0 looks like it'll be better than the original in basically every way. » 8/31/10 2:00pm 8/31/10 2:00pm

Can't Decide Between an iPhone and Palm Pre? Get Both—In One Phone!

Ok, so you'll have to import it from dodgy Chinese site M8Cool, but surely a gamble with your credit card security is worth the slight chance of getting a working Palm Pre, running iPhone OS? » 8/26/10 11:40am 8/26/10 11:40am

Ridiculously Addictive Angry Birds Game Now Available on WebOS

Incredibly popular mobile game Angry Birds is now available on WebOS—specifically on Palm Pre and Pre Plus devices running webOS 1.4.5. While this'll certainly make Palm users happy, I'm surprised that the game hasn't hit Android devices yet. » 8/24/10 5:34pm 8/24/10 5:34pm

Vice President Who Was In Charge Of Designing The Pre Leaves Palm And HP

We knew that plenty of Palm employees left once HP acquired the company, but now we know the latest one to jump ship: Peter Skillman, Palm's Vice President of Design. Also known as the man who designed the Pre. » 8/09/10 10:02pm 8/09/10 10:02pm

Palm Teases New Phones and "New Version of the OS"

After two phones (and two spin-offs) running webOS, you'd think Palm and its new owner HP would be keen to get some new devices to market. All we've got to go on for now is a Palm rep's comments, confirming that they "are working on future devices," and a "new version of the OS." Apparently, we're "going to find the… » 6/18/10 6:37am 6/18/10 6:37am

A Palm-to-Apple Defection to Be Thrilled About

It's kinda unbelievable that the iPhone still uses modal popups that completely interrupt what you're doing for notifications. But hope comes in the form of treachery: Rich Dellinger, who designed the Pre's elegant background notifications, is going to Apple. [PreCentral] » 6/09/10 9:22am 6/09/10 9:22am

HTC EVO 4G Pushes Palm Pre Off Sprint's Launch Day Sales Pedestal

News just in—the HTC EVO 4G has officially been more loved on launch day than the Palm Pre. While queues were around the block for many Sprint stores selling the webOS phone last June, it wasn't any match for the HTC EVO 4G. Friday saw the most sales for any one phone sold at Sprint in one day—in fact, there were… » 6/07/10 2:44am 6/07/10 2:44am

Palm Pre Plus Priced at $150 on AT&T

Starting May 16, you'll be able to pick up the Palm Pre Plus at AT&T. It will sell for $150 with rebate, and for a limited time, that deal will come with a free Touchstone charging dock. Ooohhh! » 5/10/10 2:48pm 5/10/10 2:48pm

Palm Pre Plus Reduced To Quivering $30 By Verizon Wireless

In light of HP's acquisition of Palm, Verizon Wireless' discount on the Pre Plus—which has only been on sale a little over three months now—might seem a little hasty. Palm's the flavor of the month again, after all! » 5/04/10 3:51am 5/04/10 3:51am

The Weird Palm Patents HP Will Soon Own

When the news broke that HP was buying Palm, discussion gravitated to the jewel of the Palm collection: WebOS. But of course HP's haul doesn't end there—there's a whole slew of bizarre PalmPilot patents they'll soon own, too. » 4/30/10 8:00pm 4/30/10 8:00pm

Giz Explains: How Multitasking Works on a Phone

Multitasking! On phones! Everybody does it now. But each smartphone platform does it differently. Here are the various tricky ways that the major platforms try to juggle multiple apps. » 4/29/10 3:20pm 4/29/10 3:20pm

Palm's Execs Are Jumping Ship as Fast as Its Potential Buyers

Today's casualty is Caitlin Spaan, veep for Palm's carrier marketing. It's a comparatively small loss compared to when their Senior VP of software bailed two weeks ago, but it amplifies an increasingly obvious message: Palm is in a death spiral. » 4/24/10 2:30pm 4/24/10 2:30pm

Verizon Offers Palm Pre and Pixi Plus As Free Mobile Hotspots

Not only has Verizon discounted the Pre and Pixi Plus to $50 and $30, respectively, not only are they eligible for a buy one get one free promotion, but now, they're free mobile hotspots, too. [Verizon via BGR] » 4/01/10 11:23am 4/01/10 11:23am

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Headed to Europe Soon?

Europeans won't have to wait as long for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus as they did the original models, according to the documents passed through the Global Certification Forum allowing them entry through Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle and Schiphol. » 3/30/10 6:23am 3/30/10 6:23am