The Easy Way to Add an Onscreen Keyboard to Your Palm Pre

To the chagrin of a few devoted hard QWERTY enthusiast, and to the much more important joy of people who think it's dumb to have to slide out an entire keypad just to type the letters "OK," the Pre got its first onscreen keyboard last week. One problem! The installation process was complicated, dangerous and… » 8/31/09 1:16pm 8/31/09 1:16pm

Google and Palm Can't Get Their Google Voice Stories Straight

According to sources inside the company, Palm is ready to cash in on the iPhone's Google Voice rejection nightmare with a full app for the Pre. According to sources within the company, Google has no idea that this is happening. » 8/26/09 6:25pm 8/26/09 6:25pm

Palm Pre Gets Homebrew Apps, No Rooting Required

Installing the Pre's earliest homebrew apps required you to "root" your device—easy enough, but not for the faint of heart. Now, there's a new method, with no rooting, no risky hacks, and one simple secret: email. » 6/23/09 7:56am 6/23/09 7:56am