If You Want an Apple Watch on Day One, You'll Be Up Late This Evening

Most people shouldn’t buy a first-generation Apple Watch. But you aren’t most people. You’re an early adopter, a daily Gizmodo reader, a diehard who yearns for gadgets like the Apple Watch with every fiber of your being. Except, somehow, you missed one key detail: If you want to be one of the very first people to own… »4/09/15 4:00pm4/09/15 4:00pm

WiiHunt 2006: Wii Is Brining Out the Best in Retailers, Online Lines

It seems RadioShack has cancelled all of our Wii pre-orders from yesterday. And then on top of that, I get this series of emails about Amazon in my inbox. Hit the jump for the complete text along with what's sure to be a small to medium rant on the complete failure of online retailing to deal with the Wii. »11/19/06 10:32am11/19/06 10:32am