Verizon Serves Up Cheaper Prepaid Plans for Smartphones (Update)

Verizon just launched two cheaper prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text messaging. The $70 plan offers 2GB of 3G data and for $60 you get 500MB. Previously, Verizon only had an $80 prepaid plan, that offered unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. More data for cheaper? Good! The only thing is that the plan is… »2/01/13 9:38am2/01/13 9:38am

AT&T Adds DataConnect Overage Charges, Pulls Plug on Unlimited Pre-Paid Data Plans

Shockingly, AT&T has discovered that *gasp* people are abusing their unlimited pre-paid data service by tapping into it with their laptops. As a result, the plug is being pulled on the $19.99/month option starting on November 12th. AT&T will also place a cap on the legitimate laptop DataConnect plan that works out to… »10/06/08 11:45am10/06/08 11:45am

If You are Going to Call Hookers, Go Pre-Paid: How to Avoid Eliot Spitzer's Fate

With the news about Elliot Spitzer's demise plastered everywhere you look, the folks at Complex brought up an interesting point—when you are a public figure, pre-paid cellphones are the way to go when calling hookers. Even drug dealers know that it is the way to go when you don't want to leave evidence behind—so how… »3/13/08 6:45pm3/13/08 6:45pm