Verizon's BlackBerry Storm Private Pre-Sale Has No Storms

Oops. You know that pre-sale flyer »11/18/08 7:26am11/18/08 7:26am that was doing the rounds to Verizon "VIPs", the one with the BlackBerry Storm on the left hand side? Turns out that if you, a VIP, turn up at a store with that very flyer you'll not be able to buy a Storm ahead of its launch. You won't, in fact, be able to touch one to see what it's…

Blackberry Storm May Finally Make an Appearance on November 20th and 24th

After a set of delays »11/11/08 8:32pm11/11/08 8:32pm, rumors have surfaced that the Blackberry Storm may finally see the light of day on November 20 despite being planned originally for . The pre-launch will be on the 20th, meaning the Blackberry Storm will be available for demo in corporate Verizon stores. They will also be available for pre-order…

G1 Pre-Sale Madness: T-Mobile Triples Production, Sells Them All

According to a T-Mobile spokesperson, pre-sale demand on the Android G1 is so big that they have already sold all their units. She says that this is specially impressive because it happened after they tripled the amount of available G1 cellphones. Of course, this could mean anything without knowing actual shipping… »10/03/08 8:10pm10/03/08 8:10pm