Stephen Hawking on Space Colonization, Villainy, and Predictive Text 

The fictional version of Stephen Hawking is getting a lot of attention thanks to the biopic The Theory of Everything. But real-life Stephen Hawking is far more badass than his big-screen counterpart. He's also up for discussing his theories on pretty much everything, as Wired's recent interview shows. » 1/13/15 11:33am 1/13/15 11:33am

The iPhone's Future Predictive Keyboard Makes Certain Keys Larger Without You Ever Noticing (Updated)

Apple has been granted a patent for a predictive text keyboard on mobile devices that will automatically increase the size of touch targets without actually doing so visually. Although this patent, which Apple Insider dug up, is bit confusing in concept, it's execution makes sense. In fact, the idea of implementing… » 7/31/12 3:03pm 7/31/12 3:03pm