Inside Muji's Beautiful, Affordable Prefab Houses

The Japanese retailer Muji has built a cult following by offering nearly any object you could want in your home for not much money and proportionately great design. Now, the company is offering one more item to its line of 7,500 housewares: Actual houses. And there's a very good economic reason for the ambitious new… »10/28/14 9:20am10/28/14 9:20am

This prefab portable home is nicer than most suburban houses

The ÁPH80 prefab houses are made at a CNC (computer numerical control) mill factory located in Northern Spain. Designed by architect Camino Alonso—one of the owners at architectural firm Ábaton—is a compact 29.5 by 9.84 feet (9 by 3 meters) home that can get carried in a truck and deployed in 20 minutes. »12/17/13 6:16pm12/17/13 6:16pm

Inside the NYC Super-Factory Building America's Tallest Prefab Tower

In a corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on a factory floor that resembles an oversized assembly line, workers are building entire apartments in days. Most New Yorkers might not realize it, but the tallest prefab building in the country—and maybe the world—is currently taking shape not far from where they live. Gizmodo… »10/23/13 12:40pm10/23/13 12:40pm

Watch a House Go From Flatbed to Fully Built in Less Than a Day

If you're familiar with architect Richard Rogers, it's likely through buildings like the Pompidou Center and the London Shard, where the guts of the structure—from elevators to plumbing—are put on display. But did you know Rogers is also pioneering a new generation of flatpack prefab housing? »8/22/13 10:47am8/22/13 10:47am