Bar Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser, Makes Blind Dates Even More…

In an attempt to reduce alcohol-related learning disabilities and birth defects, Pub 500—a bar in Minnesota—has installed a pregnancy test vending machine so patrons can make sure they're not expecting before they get completely wasted. Think of it as a logical extension of the more traditional condom dispensers found… » 9/17/12 12:00pm 9/17/12 12:00pm

Bun-In-The-Oven Scale Shows How Pregnant She Really Is

As if her expanding belly—among two other bigger, more fantastic body parts—isn't proof enough to show you how pregnant your baby mama is, the Bun-In-The-Oven Scale will remind your woman of her pregnancy journey, via expanding waistline images, every time she has gained another 20 pounds—that's one ginormous baby!… » 10/23/08 9:54pm 10/23/08 9:54pm

Keep Your Unborn Baby Radiation Free With MummyWraps

The MummyWrap is a stretchy shirt designed for pregnant moms to protect their unborn babies from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It works by utilizing a special fabric called Swiss Shield that blocks out the EMR or "electro-smog," as they call it. Now all of the gadgety moms out there can keep on using their… » 10/01/07 3:44pm 10/01/07 3:44pm