Leave Our Awesome Dinosaur Stampedes Alone

For years, people were perfectly happy believing that the series of fossilized footprints in Australia's Lark Quarry was all that remained of an epic dinosaur stampede. Then Science happened. » 1/10/13 11:40am 1/10/13 11:40am

Prehistoric Fleas Would Probably Eat Your Dog If They Still Existed

Their descendants are happy to just suck blood and pass along parasites to small mammals, but the hugeprehistoric fleas from 165 million years ago were equipped with saw-like projections around their mouth—for penetrating thick dino hides—that would probably make short work of a Chihuahua. » 2/29/12 4:40pm 2/29/12 4:40pm

This Prehistoric Penguin Was the Biggest Penguin Ever

If you thought emperor penguins were big, this prehistoric cousin put them to shame. In its day it stood over four feet tall and was 50 per cent heavier than the already pretty massive emperor we know today. » 2/29/12 11:40am 2/29/12 11:40am