Xbox 360 Core With HDMI Coming 9/1?

Either this Best Buy listing is wrong, or there's a $349.99 version of the Xbox 360 Core with HDMI coming in September 1. We're leaning towards wrong listing since the box shows a Premium (the DVD drive is silver) and the price is of a premium, but who knows what's going on in Microsoft's stable. Personally the Xbox… » 8/24/07 3:00pm 8/24/07 3:00pm

Ice Rocks Pre-Packaged Premium Ice Cubes

So perhaps these pre-packaged ice cubes aren't gadgets per se, but we've covered off-beat water products before with much success. Yes, Ice Rocks is nothing more than pure spring water that hermetically sealed inside ice cube tray containers. All you have to do is stick the Ice Rocks inside a freezer, then enjoy pure,… » 9/11/06 5:29pm 9/11/06 5:29pm