Spam Drugs Are Killing People and No One Is Doing Anything About It

Open your spam folder right now and there's almost certainly a grammatically questionable spam email offering you V1agra or C1al1s. But while you know that any pills procured from shady online retailers aren't regulated, apparently some people can't stop buying them. Brian Krebs reports that the problem is out of… »12/17/14 10:58am12/17/14 10:58am


The FDA Has Shuttered 1,677 Illegal Prescription Drugs Websites

We've all seen those pop-up ads peddling discount prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Ohhhh! Cheap Xanax! They always seem a little dubious, but as of this week, you're probably going to see fewer of them. In partnership with international regulatory and law enforcement agencies, the FDA has just shut down »6/27/13 9:24am6/27/13 9:24am