Prezenter PSR Two-Touchscreen Laptop: Travelling Sales Pitches Go High-Tech

I've never encountered a traveling salesperson, so I've not had someone trying to push a "revolutionary" product on me from the comfort of my home. But if the Prezenter PSR is anything to go by, traveling sales is about to get high-tech. It's a custom notebook PC, designed to fold so that a 14-inch screen faces the … »6/19/08 5:57am6/19/08 5:57am

Kensington Wireless Presentation Remote has Range, Not Much Else

Kensington has released the Wireless Presentation Remote. It is really an average USB wireless remote that can click through your slides about TPS reports with ease. It does have one thing going for it—range. The remote will work up to 65 feet away, which could be really useful in the awkwardly laid out auditoriums.… »9/28/06 4:05pm9/28/06 4:05pm