The $13 Billion Presidential Helicopters We Scrapped and Sold to Canada

Getting anywhere in Washington DC traffic can be a nightmare, even if you're the leader of the free world and have a motorcade at your disposal. But at least the president can hop aboard Marine One (the fleet of presidential helicopters) and rotor to his next appointment instead. The VH-3D Sea Kings that currently… » 8/08/13 7:20pm 8/08/13 7:20pm

White House Home Theater Reveals Laura Bush's Bordello Tastes

This is what the Prez and his people watch their Chuck Norris movies in: the White House home theater. It's, er, very red, isn't it? The refurb was overseen by Laura Bush in 2004, who was, apparently, inspired by turn-of-the-last century movie palaces. Another shot, plus the magnolia hell that was its previous… » 2/27/08 7:13am 2/27/08 7:13am