All The Things The GOP Candidates Got Wrong On The Military

The first Republican debate was a lively one. Topics spanned the gauntlet of domestic issues with a few foreign policy and defense topics sprinkled in – mainstays of the Republican platform. So what did these 10 hopefuls have to say? A mix of hollow statements, generalities and a host of blatant inaccuracies.
»8/09/15 11:40am8/09/15 11:40am


Where to Watch Tonight's Final Presidential Debate Live Online

Tonight is the final part of the talent portion of the Mr. President 2008 pageant, which I've been reading is like the most important one in our lifetime or something, but I think they say about that about all of them. Regardless, if you're stuck at your computer and can't get to a TV, don't worry, you don't have to… »10/15/08 7:10pm10/15/08 7:10pm

Where to Watch Tonight's Presidental Debate Live Online: Hulu, VCAST and More

Whereas a live online stream »10/07/08 3:00pm10/07/08 3:00pm of the first presidential debate was a bit harder to pin down, our pick for tonight's at 9PM Eastern is Hulu. Its live stream of the final two presidential debates is actually Hulu's first ever live broadcast, which is something they might do more of following the debates. (Unfortunately,…