Here Comes the CES 2008 Press Release Parade

We're already in line for today's back-to-back CES 2008 press conference marathon. First up, LG Electronics followed by Pioneer, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp and Philips—and that's all before lunch. Stay tuned for liveblog updates throughout the day. » 1/06/08 10:45am 1/06/08 10:45am

HD DVD Press Conferences Cancelled After Warner Defects to Blu-ray

No one's going to make a Hunt for Blue October movie out of Warner's defection from HD DVD to Blu-ray—even if Toshiba is quite peeved at them—but what they can do is cancel press conferences. The HD DVD group, who's naturally in charge of the HD DVD press conferences here at CES, has just decided to "postpone" their… » 1/05/08 1:04pm 1/05/08 1:04pm

Hitachi Press Conference: We're Here, Spilling Coffee

As we wait through the peppy funk music, the schwag is already being passed out, and it looks like T-shirts and pens this fine morning. Stay tuned, we'll let you know what happens here. Refresh often! » 1/08/07 10:55am 1/08/07 10:55am

T-Mobile Holding Press Conference Friday October 6 to Announce UMTS

According to eWeek Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA will be holding a press conference on Friday, October 6, to announce their plans for 3G deployment here in the States. Apparently, » 10/04/06 7:00pm 10/04/06 7:00pm

Live from CES: Pioneer Press Conference

Pioneer kicked off its press conference talking directly about its ambitions into the vehicle navigation market (a la GPS and mapping units). Pioneer "wants to put the fun back into driving," yet it doesn't seem to be providing faster cars. Instead, they are introducing a new family of navigation, the 'AVIC' family,… » 1/04/06 2:43pm 1/04/06 2:43pm