Pizza for Dummies: Presto Pizzaz Doesn't Defy the Laws of Physics

Unless the laws of physics have changed since the last time we checked, the Presto Pizzaz Electric Pizza Oven has got to be the dumbest idea for a kitchen appliance we've seen in a long, long time. This $35 goof rotates a pizza underneath its heating element, and then there's a heating element in the base as well.… »3/19/07 1:45pm3/19/07 1:45pm

Presto Printer, Delivering E-mail to Geezers Everywhere

E-mailing our Luddite family members has never been as easy as it should be, especially when grandma still insists the Internet is a series of tubes. Enter the HP Presto. This sucker instantly prints incoming e-mails so grandma-ma can focus on drinking her prune juice instead of having to remember her screenname and… »10/18/06 12:33pm10/18/06 12:33pm