Xbox 360 Price Cuts Officially Arrive Sept. 5, Now Cheaper Than a Wii

The across-the-board Xbox 360 price cuts »9/03/08 6:09pm9/03/08 6:09pm rumored just got official from Microsoft. The standard and Elite get a solid $50 drop, while the Arcade plummets a whole $80, making the 360 officially cheaper than a Wii. The new pricing scheme is: • Xbox 360 Arcade - $199 • Xbox 360 - $299 • Xbox 360 Elite - $399 Still,…

RadioShack Flyer Indicates Xbox 360 Price Cuts on Elite, Arcade Systems

The Xbox 360 price cut rumors we've been hearing »8/21/08 8:45am8/21/08 8:45am for September look to be gathering even more steam, as this RadioShack ad shows drops to $399 for the Elite system and $199 for the Arcade. That's down $50 on the Elite and $80 on Arcade, making your choices a nice smooth progression of Benjamins-$199/$299/$399. The…

Update: Screen Grab Allegedly Confirms $199 Xbox 360 Price Cut Rumor

The $199 Xbox 360 price cut rumor we reported on yesterday got a little more real today after a screenshot surfaced showing the updated SKU for the Arcade model. VGChartz got the scoop, and noticed that the September 7 release date for the updated SKU coincides with some other big Xbox 360 events: the launches of… »8/03/08 3:30pm8/03/08 3:30pm

Xbox 360 Price Cuts Arrive in Australia, US Probably Following Soon

Normally we'd skip over Australia-only news, but the official Xbox 360 price cuts there most likely means those rumors of a drop in the US are pretty much locked in for sure (even if the European price reduction a few months ago didn't cross over). Kotaku says all three models got slashed, "with the Arcade down $50 to… »7/02/08 2:57am7/02/08 2:57am

Zune 8GB Gets $20 Price Cut, Now $179.99 at Major Retailers

The 8GB Zune seems to have received a no-fuss $20 price cut. The reduction has not taken effect across the board, but we've managed to track the $179.99 8GB Zune to Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City and, all without any official word. are only currently offering the black 8GB Zune at the knocked down… »2/02/08 10:40am2/02/08 10:40am

Sony's Blue Laser Diodes Down to $8 - PS3 and BD Player Price Cuts Soon?

Good news for Blu-ray fans. Sony's just announced that they're ramping up blue laser diode production yet again, which will lower the price to just around $8 each by June. What will this mean to you? Well, seeing as the diodes were the reason for the PS3 shortages this fall (and contributed to both the PlayStation's… »4/26/07 3:45pm4/26/07 3:45pm