Taiwanese LCD Maker Must Pay $220 Million for Price-Fixing Conspiracy

Chi Mei Optoelectronics, a major LCD maker who sells to companies including Apple, HP and Dell, has admitted to a wide-scale price fixing conspiracy between late 2001 and late 2006. The details are being kept under wraps, but Chi Mei has pled guilty to the charges in a San Francisco court, and in addition to the… »12/09/09 11:15pm12/09/09 11:15pm

LG, Sharp and Chunghwa Fined $585 Million For LCD Price Fixing

After nearly three years of investigation »11/12/08 3:05pm11/12/08 3:05pm, LG, Sharp and Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd have admitted to participating in a cartel between 2001 and 2006 that fixed prices of LCD screens affecting "millions of American consumers who use computers, cell phones and numerous other household electronics every day." The Justice…