Four Airlines May Have Raised Prices to Take Advantage of Amtrak Crash 

The government announced Friday that four major airlines—Delta, American, Southwest and JetBlue—may have temporarily raised ticket prices to take advantage of the May Amtrak crash that left eight people dead and hundreds injured. »7/26/15 4:40pm7/26/15 4:40pm


Craigslist Sellers Flagging Reasonably Priced Wiis To Increase Profits, Piss Me Off

Didn't these people's mammas teach them right? What kind of fool would take a reasonably priced listing for $250 on this Craigslist for a Nintendo Wii and flag it as inappropriate? The kinda fool that wants to sell their own for $350 and get rid of all the competition. These people got pea brains, and they're punks on… »4/01/08 3:15am4/01/08 3:15am