Craigslist Sellers Flagging Reasonably Priced Wiis To Increase Profits,…

Didn't these people's mammas teach them right? What kind of fool would take a reasonably priced listing for $250 on this Craigslist for a Nintendo Wii and flag it as inappropriate? The kinda fool that wants to sell their own for $350 and get rid of all the competition. These people got pea brains, and they're punks on… » 4/01/08 3:15am 4/01/08 3:15am

HDMI Cable: Price Gouging?

Yesterday we mentioned Best Buy selling Monster HDMI cables for upwards of $80, and reader Todd pointed us to a website offering no-name 6-foot HDMI cables for $6.37. Taking a quick glance at the Best Buy website, there's an HDMI Cable that's 2 feet shorter, a 4-foot length from Monster Cable for $149.99. The… » 6/13/06 9:15am 6/13/06 9:15am