Sprint May Be Bringing a $59 Unlimited Flat-Rate Plan to Spite Other…

Now that all the major cellphone carriers except Sprint have a $99 flat-rate plan for unlimited calling, Sprint wants to one-up everybody and undercut the competition by up to 40%. According to Reuters, analysts are saying that a plan could be coming that either hits the $60 or $80 price point, which would be hard for… » 2/20/08 6:40pm 2/20/08 6:40pm

90,000 HD DVD Players Sold Last Weekend

Reducing the price of those HD DVD players to a rock-bottom $99 must be catching on, with 90,000 of its HD DVD sold last weekend. Most of them were those Toshiba HD-A2 players (pictured here) sold by Wal-Mart and Best Buy, locking horns in a price war, and resulting in a welcome reduction in inventory of those older… » 11/07/07 12:05pm 11/07/07 12:05pm

Netflix Confirms $15.99 Price Was Test For Select Few

Following up on our story from last week about further Netflix price cuts, again reducing rates for its 3-disc at-a-time plan to $15.99, we've gotten a confirmation from Netflix Director of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey (pictured in the graphic here) about the nature of that $1-lower price. He says it's part… » 8/21/07 2:50pm 8/21/07 2:50pm

Blockbuster Fires Off Email Notifying Customers of Price Increase

What kind of price war is this? Yesterday we saw proof of Netflix cutting a dollar off its three-disc at-a-time plan resulting in a $15.99 monthly tariff, and today a tipster shows us an email from Blockbuster talking about raising prices. But there's some good news in that email for existing customers. » 8/17/07 11:15am 8/17/07 11:15am

UPDATED: Netflix Lowers Prices for DVD Rentals by $1 ... Again

Netflix just lowered its prices on the "three DVDs out at-a-time" plan again, taking it down a buck to $15.99 a month. Our jaws dropped as we saw the above notice in our inbox, because it was just three weeks ago when Netflix had lowered the price to $16.99. Hey, keep those price reductions coming, Netflix! Pretty… » 8/16/07 9:17am 8/16/07 9:17am

Sony BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Player Drops Below $500

Whether it is lower production costs or a new need to compete seriously with Toshiba's HD DVD camp, Sony has sliced $100 off of its original pricing for the BDP-S300 Blu-ray player, to a list price of $499. That's still high given the fact that a) the PS3 lists for just $100 more and offers Blu-ray playback and a lot… » 6/04/07 7:51am 6/04/07 7:51am