Amazon Product Prices Get Marked Up Like Crazy to Give You Fake Savings

It's scary how much I trust Amazon. I don't even question anything—just click, buy and get 2-day shipped for everything. Underwear? Yep. Electronics? Sure. Tweezers? Why the hell not. But what if all those savings you're supposed to be getting on Amazon were fake? What if Amazon ridiculously marks up a product's list… »2/28/12 1:20pm2/28/12 1:20pm

PlayStation3 Won't Get Holiday Season Price Drop Says Sony

Sony's basically just confirmed we're unlikely that we'll see a price drop of the PS3 for the holiday season. Speaking at the Gamer 3.0 conference in London, Sony's UK managing director noted that the PS3 is essentially sitting at just the right price point, that there's a market out there for it and the console's… »10/29/08 6:12am10/29/08 6:12am

Blu-ray Prices Higher Than Ever: Man, This is Going to Piss You Off

I suppose that it is not all that surprising to find out that without competition from the HD DVDs camp, prices for Blu-ray players have gone up. According to data collected by, Blu-ray players have hit a high average of $400 per unit for the year—about the same price they were at this time last year.… »3/12/08 8:48pm3/12/08 8:48pm

iPhone Prices Compared in Four Countries (Verdict: We're Doing Alright)

setteB.IT took it upon themselves to chart up the four different iPhone providers in four different countries and see who's getting the best deal. Apparently, it's Orange (France) if you're looking at the cheapest overall price, but their plan only includes about 240 minutes and limits both Wi-Fi and EDGE data. In… »11/27/07 1:14pm11/27/07 1:14pm