That Time Congress Considered Building Cities In Space

Forget the flying cars and robot maids, we're just a few precious generations away from ditching this hunk of space rock called Earth and living among the stars. The dream of off-world living is thanks, in large part, to a single Princeton physics professor who not only envisioned a new path for humanity but nearly… »12/04/14 11:25am12/04/14 11:25am

Here's What the Future of Nuclear Fusion Research Looked like in 1962

At the onset of the atomic age, governments on both sides of the iron curtain sought to harness the power of nuclear fusion. Researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in New Jersey stood at the forefront of the American effort when, in 1953, they began using Stellarators—one of the earliest controlled… »9/03/14 11:40am9/03/14 11:40am

Princeton Nuke Detector Could Spot World-Ending Warheads

The US and USSR had more than 60,000 nuclear warheads pointed at each other at the height of the Cold War. While the Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1970 and START in 1994 have shrunk that figure to around 26,000, nobody is really sure how many still exist—because nobody’s ever actually verified the number of warheads,… »4/30/13 11:30am4/30/13 11:30am

Data Encryption Easily Broken Using Keys Hiding In RAM

Scientists at Princeton have discovered a way to grab otherwise-protected data encryption keys from memory on a computer that's just been powered down. This is pretty scary stuff, since the keys—which are well protected when the computer is on—are the one thing that keeps super-tight encryption from cracking.
»3/05/08 7:45pm3/05/08 7:45pm


Exclusive: The Secret Sauce That Goes Into an OLED High Def TV

Click to viewUDC is one of a handful of companies pioneering OLED development and manufacturing techniques for the big boys such as Samsung, Sony, LG and of course, the US Department of Defense. No one's written about how they make these displays, panels that'll make up our next generation of super-slim HDTVs, until… »11/30/07 5:00pm11/30/07 5:00pm