The man who invented the Pringles can was buried inside a Pringles can

Pringles varieties are as vast and varied as the stars in the sky: Barbecue. Sour Cream & Onion. Buffalo Ranch. Extreme Blazin' Buffalo Ranch. But one, single Pringles can exists on this Earth with a peculiar sort of flavor dust and no chips at all—the Pringles can that holds the ashes of its inventor, Fredric Baur. »10/22/14 11:09am10/22/14 11:09am


This Pringles Dispenser Will Revolutionize Snacks In a Can

Pringles changed the world for the better when it released its perfectly-stacked potato chips-in-a-can approach to snack food. But while the design helped to minimize broken chips, it also made them harder to reach as you went deeper in the can—a problem that's now solved thanks to this brilliant contraption that… »11/15/13 1:30pm11/15/13 1:30pm

This Guy Created an Awesome Pringles Can That Actually Makes It Easy to Get Chips

Putting your hand inside a Pringles can is like placing your hand inside quicksand or a Chinese finger trap or a snake hole, it's always uncomfortable and sometimes impossible to pull your hand out without serious injury. And the worst part is you never grab enough chips! No more. Jason Poel Smith of… »4/08/13 8:00pm4/08/13 8:00pm

5 Ways To Peak Your WiFi Feng Shui: Featuring the Radiolabs Stage 1 Parabolic Antenna

This morning, we wrote about a WiFi Scope that can read the airwaves, detecting cold zones. It was a one-off art project, but really, who couldn't use more wireless range. So, here's a roundup of some gear that'll turn your hotspot into a data blast zone.

1. Go Parabolic

If you can do without the unidirectional… »8/30/06 5:23pm8/30/06 5:23pm