Video: The process of hand making a book the old fashioned way is a lost magical art

Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft takes a look at Arion Press in San Francisco in its latest episode and examines how this tiny printing shop carries on the legacy of printers of the past. It’s almost astonishing to see how much work gets put into each book. From the typesetting to the proofreading (which is done aloud) to… »9/11/15 11:30pm9/11/15 11:30pm

Read to Win the War: 13 Vintage Posters Promoting American Libraries

Ever since the internet came along, our relationship to libraries has changed dramatically. But recent studies show that these institutions—pillars of the OG sharing economy—are still viewed as essential to American communities. So it's fascinating to take a look through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign »12/27/13 9:00am12/27/13 9:00am

Gorgeous New Posters From an Abandoned Printing Press in London

How neat is this? The folks at Faber & Faber, an independent publishing house in London since 1929, recently found a forgotten hand press in their archives. As it turns out, the half-century-old machine was used by the firm's most famous designer, Berthold Wolpe: they've since refurbished the relic, which is going to… »12/13/13 10:20am12/13/13 10:20am

This Projector Lets You Tweak the Colors of Printed Materials

For the most part, once something's been printed—a photo, a map, an article—there's not much you can do to change it. And for person's dealing with visual impairments, that can be a problem. So researchers at Wakayama University in Japan have developed a projector system that allows print materials to be adjusted,… »9/05/13 2:37pm9/05/13 2:37pm

This Kiosk Prints Magazines and Newspapers As They're Purchased

Many people are claiming that these new Meganews Magazines autonomous newstands could save the print industry. That's maybe a bit optimistic, but at the least they'll help reduce the mountains of wasted paper from unsold magazines since the over-sized vending machine only prints publications when they're ordered, in… »9/03/13 1:20pm9/03/13 1:20pm

The NYT's Paywall Is a Success Even Though We're Not Using It?

We all thought the New York Times' paywall was a bit harebrained when we first heard about it. But a surprising (and profitable) side effect of it has been an uptick in print subscriptions since it went into effect. It makes sense if you think about it, since you're no longer paying for something you can get for free… »6/08/11 3:46pm6/08/11 3:46pm

Print From Any Device Using Google's Cloud Print

Google's just realized their dream of putting printer drivers in the cloud, as their Cloud Print service has now gone into beta. This means that you can print from any device, whether it's a laptop, tablet or even cellphone, to any printer—theoretically. For now, their website says you need Windows 7, Vista or XP to… »12/07/10 10:59am12/07/10 10:59am

Apple and News Corp to Announce The Daily Tablet Newspaper at December Event?

It seems like Apple and News Corp are indeed in cahoots on The Daily, a new iPad-only newspaper that would be the first support the iTunes subscription billing, and John Gruber says he's hearing December 9 as a potential date for its announcement event. The 9th, he notes, is a Thursday, so it's possible it will get… »11/23/10 9:18am11/23/10 9:18am