Every Egg Should Have Nutritional Facts Printed On Its Shell

This egg had its nutritional facts printed on its shell by an Eggbot (a machine that prints stuff on ping pong balls, eggs, and other ball-shaped objects) and holy moly there's 71% of your daily value of cholesterol in one egg? Anyway! This is genius. I'd approve of printed-on nutritional facts for everything. Fruits,… »3/22/11 4:20pm3/22/11 4:20pm


Printed Sheets of OLED Lights Will Light Up Your Life

CNN reports that General Electric has created a giant OLED panel printer to be specifically used for lighting. The "semi-trailer" sized machine prints out thin layers of flexible plastic, covers them with chemicals, and seals them with foil, so they'll glow a frosty blue-white if an electrical current is applied. But… »10/11/08 9:30am10/11/08 9:30am