These Richly Detailed Maps Give the Modern World a Victorian Twist

Wouldn't we all love to live in a city where floating dirigibles shared the horizon alongside the glass towers of our modern skylines? Such is the wild world featured in the highly complex, geographically accurate illustrations of Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams, whose maps are part of an exhibition for the… »9/15/14 5:00pm9/15/14 5:00pm

Some Guy Turned Each Episode of Breaking Bad Into Its Own Dope Poster

It's been five months since one of the greatest shows ever to grace the small screen has gone off the air, but if you're one of the many rapt Breaking Bad fans, you're probably still pretty deep in mourning. Fortunately for you, Hungarian designer Zsolt Molnár (Zsutti) decided to pay homage to the meth-loaded… »2/20/14 5:00pm2/20/14 5:00pm

These Circular Maps Show How Neighborhoods Really Relate to Cities

In New York City, you can cross the street and then—bam!—you're in a completely different neighborhood. But those exact boundaries are hard to pinpoint, and they're always changing. These minimalist maps by Archie's Press condenses them into simple circular designs that convey the way neighborhoods overlap. »9/10/13 5:00pm9/10/13 5:00pm

Even Before Digital Cameras People Took A Crap Ton Of Photos

From New Year's Eve 2012 to New Year's Day 2013, Facebook users uploaded 1.1 billion photos. Which is something absurd like two photos per active user. But don't think that people haven't always been people. Even before smartphones and digital cameras, consumers were out there taking a lot of stupid photos just for… »7/14/13 9:09am7/14/13 9:09am