Color-Changing E Ink Is Here, But Not In eBook Readers

This morning E Ink Holdings announced the availability of a new color-changing film known as Prism that's based on the company's electronic paper technology used in devices like Amazon's Kindle and the Pebble smartwatch. But the new material isn't destined to finally bring a dash of color to your electronic books.… »1/06/15 12:29pm1/06/15 12:29pm


Fast-Acting Nuclear Reactor Will Power Through Piles of Plutonium

Even the latest generation of nuclear power reactors can only harvest about five percent of the energy stored in their radioactive fuel supplies, and the toxic leftovers must then be buried deep underground to slowly decay over hundreds of thousands of years. But thanks to a new breed of sodium-cooled pool reactor, we… »11/07/14 11:40am11/07/14 11:40am

Tim Cook Says Apple Has Never Shared Data: "You're Not Our Product"

As part of Apple's ongoing glasnost campaign, Tim Cook was on Charlie Rose last Friday. Part two airs tonight and it looks like it will be a lot meatier, just based on the clip released today: Cook will apparently talk more about the role of privacy at Apple, including their choice not to release or mine user metadata. »9/15/14 7:30pm9/15/14 7:30pm

Eric Schmidt Says Government Surveillance Is Just Part of Our Society

Since the whole PRISM thing blew up, and dozens of other Snowden revelations followed it, there's been a lot of talk about government spying—foreign stuff and domestic survellience—and what these revelations mean. According to Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, not much; this is just part of our society now. »9/14/13 12:25pm9/14/13 12:25pm

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and others are forming an alliance to demand more transp

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and others are forming an alliance to demand more transparency from the NSA. According to AllThingsD, they'll ask President Obama to let them do three things in their transparency reports and ask the government to provide their own transparency reports too. »7/17/13 6:57pm7/17/13 6:57pm

Yahoo's Blazing the Trail to Transparency in the Post-PRISM World

On Monday, Yahoo won a court fight that will force the government to disclose secret information about a 2008 case that required Yahoo to hand over customer data. It's icing on the cake for Marissa Mayer, who celebrates her one year anniversary at Yahoo this week. But more importantly, it could give us our clearest… »7/16/13 2:22pm7/16/13 2:22pm