Inmate Walks Free After Emailing Release Instructions to Prison Staff

An inmate who was in prison for multiple charges of fraud is apparently up to his old tricks. Posing as a senior court clerk, Neil Moore, 28, used an illicit mobile phone to email fake bail instructions to prison staff, who released him. Well, that's embarrassing. » 3/29/15 10:00am Yesterday 10:00am

Prisoner Got 37 Years in Solitary for Facebook Posts

In South Carolina's prisons, an inmate who secretly writes Facebook posts about missing his family can be punished the same way as one who rapes a cellmate. Hundreds of inmates are being handed down indefensibly harsh punishments for using social media, including one man, Tyheem Henry, who was sentenced to over 37… » 2/16/15 11:48am 2/16/15 11:48am

Hundreds of Inmates Are Sent To Solitary Confinement For Using Facebook

In the South Carolina prison system, accessing Facebook is an offense on par with murder, rape, rioting, escape and hostage-taking. » 2/12/15 4:47pm 2/12/15 4:47pm

​Prisoners in China Can Get Out of Jail in Exchange for Patents

China absolutely dominates the rest of the world when it comes to the number of patents it produces. This is partly due to a government that encourages inventors with everything from cash gifts, tenured jobs at universities, and early release from prison. Wait, what? » 2/02/15 10:00am 2/02/15 10:00am

FAA: Fly a Drone Over Big Sports Events and You'll Face Prison

If you spend your weekends flying drones, be careful you don't stray too close to a ball game: the FAA has issued a warning which warms of large fines or imprisonments if your UAV strays too close to large sports venues . » 10/30/14 5:37am 10/30/14 5:37am

Ohio's Using a Drone to Spy on Prisoners (and Their Smuggling Friends)

Ever heard of the Panopticon? It's a type of prison design that enables a single watchman to see everyone. Now, Ohio is experimenting with an interesting twist on that idea by putting the watchman in the sky with an infrared camera. » 10/09/14 3:44pm 10/09/14 3:44pm

A Drone Crashed While Smuggling Weed Into a South Carolina Prison

These days, there's no need to stuff drugs up your butt to get them into a prison—you can just drop them in from your trusty drone. Unless you crash it, that is. » 8/01/14 6:00am 8/01/14 6:00am

How Biotech Could Make Life in Prison a Living Hell

At the University of Oxford, a team of scholars led by the philosopher Rebecca Roache has begun thinking about the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. In January, I spoke with Roache and her colleagues Anders Sandberg and Hannah Maslen about emotional enhancement, 'supercrimes', and the ethics… » 3/17/14 11:00am 3/17/14 11:00am

The Sony SRF-39FP: The Audio Player of Choice in Prison

It might not look much, but the Sony SRF-39FP pocket AM/FM radio is regarded as the audio player of choice in prisons across the U.S. » 1/18/14 4:30am 1/18/14 4:30am

Architect Sentenced to Year in Jail For Firefighter's Death

There have been plenty of civil cases against architects over the years, for all manner of negligence. But, today, an extremely rare criminal case was decided: An architect was sentenced to a year in LA county jail after pleading no contest to the manslaughter of a firefighter who died while trying to contain a fire… » 1/03/14 4:40pm 1/03/14 4:40pm

UK Moves to Ban Phones Designed to Fit Up Prisoner Butts

Necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is the father of designing things that you can fit into your butt to sneak them into prison. And so a phone shaped exactly like a small butt plug has come into our world, and the UK government is trying to ban it. » 8/21/13 4:00pm 8/21/13 4:00pm

A "Glitch" Made All the Doors in a Max. Security Prison Open at Once

A Florida prison says that a computer "glitch" is to blame after all of the doors in the maximum security wing opened without warning. Wired has news for them, though. Sometimes, these kinds of glitches are caused by sneaky characters called hackers. And this situation looks pretty suspect. » 8/16/13 11:38am 8/16/13 11:38am

A Prison Cell-Sized Room Designed by the Inmates Who Live in Them

If necessity is the mother of invention, prison cells must be veritable hotbeds of creativity—and not just for making wine in toilets or tattoo guns from Bic pens and guitar strings. According to three Italian designers who've been holding design workshops with prisoners since 2003, the incarcerated are brilliant… » 4/22/13 9:05am 4/22/13 9:05am

Jailed Cyber Criminal Joins Prison's Computer Class, Hacks Its Network

When one of Britain's biggest cyber criminals was jailed in 2011, officials thought they'd be safe from his internet attacks. But then he managed to sneak into a prison computer class and hack the jail's network. » 3/05/13 5:11am 3/05/13 5:11am

Should You Be Able to Google For a Lawyer While Under Arrest?

A Canadian judge has ruled that police must provide accused, arrested individuals with internet access so that they can find a lawyer. But do you agree? » 2/20/13 3:48am 2/20/13 3:48am

What It's Like to Experience New Technology After 25 Years in Jail

When I went to prison, in 1987, Motorola manufactured the large, gray cellphone that I used. People referred to it as "the brick." It had the capacity to send or receive phone calls, but there wasn't any text messaging back then. » 1/09/13 1:26pm 1/09/13 1:26pm

Careful With That Laser Pointer, It Could Put You in Prison

Laser pointers are no joke, and neither is shining them at planes. You may recall that the FBI recently set up a national laser attack task force, and they aren't kidding around. One laser-happy moron just got sentenced to 18 months in prison. » 10/21/12 10:00am 10/21/12 10:00am

Cell Phone Prison Keeps Distracting Apps on Lockdown

A plastic prison for cellphones might only seem useful for parents who want to make sure their kids are doing homework instead of texting friends. But just think how much work you could get done without easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and Words With Friends. This $20 novelty item could vastly improve the nation's… » 8/24/12 2:20pm 8/24/12 2:20pm

Prisons Are Getting Fewer In-Person Visitors Because of Skype-Like…

How close does a video call come to replicating actual human contact? What if that call is the only contact you have with the outside world while in prison—does that change the calculus at all? Apparently so, for inmates in the District of Columbia Department of Corrections. » 8/07/12 11:40am 8/07/12 11:40am

An Old Prison (Now Civic Center) Rescued From Death Row

Architizer is a blog dedicated to the past, present and future of architectural design. They scour the internet finding the best/coolest/weirdest structures people crawl around in. Today they look at efforts to rehabilitate a 19th century prison into a 21st century civic center. » 7/06/12 4:40pm 7/06/12 4:40pm