Facebook Is Probably Tracking All Those Rainbow Profile Pictures

Friday’s Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage was a historic moment for civil rights in America, and for the first time ever, Facebook released a tool that encouraged people express solidarity with a rainbow profile picture. Naturally, Facebook is also keeping track of who’s using it. [Update: Facebook… » 6/29/15 6:05pm Monday 6:05pm

Stop the Entertainment Lobby's Dumb Attempt to Cripple Internet Privacy

If you’ve ever registered a domain name, you’ve probably stumbled across WHOIS, a series of databases that contains basic information on whoever registered a particular domain name. While WHOIS makes this information public by default, it’s long been possible to hide behind a proxy — something the entertainment… » 6/26/15 1:00am 6/26/15 1:00am

Facebook Says It Can Now Recognize You from the Back of Your Head

Well, this is scary. The head of artificial intelligence at Facebook now says the social network’s experimental facial recognition technology is so advanced that it can read other clues in photos to recognize individuals. In other words, Facebook’s technology no longer needs to see your face to know you’re you. » 6/22/15 6:06pm 6/22/15 6:06pm

Butt Identification, and Other Awkward Biometrics

Biometrics are everywhere. Fingerprint scanners are a standard feature in the newest smartphones, DNA testing is common, and facial recognition is getting more and more terrifyingly reliable. But there are many biometric applications still lurking on the fringe, and some of them get really, really personal. » 6/18/15 12:45pm 6/18/15 12:45pm

Why Police Need a Warrant to Track Your Cell Phone Location Records

Across the country, a vigorous debate is taking place in federal and state courthouses about how privacy protections should apply to modern technologies. One of the most spirited issues in this debate is whether the Fourth Amendment requires law enforcement to get a warrant to track a person’s location via their cell… » 6/17/15 9:35am 6/17/15 9:35am

Privacy Experts Gave Up on Facial Recognition Talks With Big Tech Firms

A team of privacy lobbyists have been working with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to “craft privacy safeguards for the commercial use of facial recognition technology.” But talks with major technology firms have gone so badly that they’ve abandoned the discussions. » 6/16/15 4:15am 6/16/15 4:15am