Error Exposes 1.5 Million People's Private Medical Records on Amazon Web Services [UPDATED] 

Police injury reports, drug tests, detailed doctor visit notes, social security numbers—all were inexplicably unveiled on a public subdomain of Amazon Web Services. Welcome to the next big data breach horrorshow. Instead of hackers, it’s old-fashioned neglect from companies managing data that exposed your most… »9/18/15 1:15pm9/18/15 1:15pm

Cops Finally Limit License Plate Data Collection… Because of Hard Drive Space

The Oakland Police Department, like many local police forces, employs a license plate reader, collecting data on locals’ commutes, rituals, and private behavior. Until recently, all the data from the plate surveillance was stored for however long a computer could hold it. But in discrete fashion the police department… »8/26/15 1:35pm8/26/15 1:35pm