Bounty Placed on Steve Jobs Private Jet Pics

JOBS! Is he coming to New York for tomorrow's Verizon iPhone bonanza? Who knows! But if he is, plane enthusiast site is offering a reward for sexy photos of his Gulfstream landing. Get to your runway stalking positions NOW! » 1/10/11 2:24pm 1/10/11 2:24pm

Obama Tells Citigroup To Abandon Plans For a $50 Million Tricked Out…

If you ever wondered why our banks are failing, the answer, my friends, is greed. Greed that President Obama is trying to put an end to—starting with Citigroup's plans for a $50 million jet. » 1/27/09 7:20pm 1/27/09 7:20pm

Fantasy Open-Air Seats Airplane Will Never Fly, Unfortunately

For some reason, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon decided to put the weirdest elements he could find in this airplane concept, made of white gold and fiberglass tiles for a ceramics company called Bisazza: the nose looks like a F-18 Hornet, then it has an Y-Wing cockpit, wings with propeller wings and love missiles, a… » 4/08/08 8:30pm 4/08/08 8:30pm

Embraer and BMW Team Up for Luxo-Jets

You might know Embraer as the company that makes those pint-sized regional jets that you wedge yourself into to get from here to there. But imagine one of those jets as a private plane as you see in the picture above, and with a BMW interior. Brazilian company Embraer has teamed up with BMW's Los Angeles studio,… » 10/22/07 12:18pm 10/22/07 12:18pm