This App Tells You The Probability Of Your Plane Crashing

'Rational expectations' is a term commonly thrown around by economists trying to work out why people do stuff. It's based on the idea that individuals weigh up the pros and cons of a certain action, and use that to make a decision. It's one of the fundamental underpinnings of a free market economic model, but as this… » 2/07/15 1:00pm 2/07/15 1:00pm

Forget 1's and 0's—The Microchip Gets Rethunk Using Probability

Today's computer chips spend a lot of time on probability-based calculations, from your Amazon recommendations to determining fraudulent credit card purchases. By using probability instead of 1's and 0's, those statistical calculations can be done more simply, efficiently, and faster. » 8/17/10 11:40pm 8/17/10 11:40pm