NASA Will Send Your Messages To Aliens Into Outer Space

Last year, when Voyager I left our solar system for the lonely pastures of interstellar space, it carried a message for extraterrestrial life: A golden record containing images and words selected by Carl Sagan and others. But that was almost 40 years ago. Now, NASA is making a whole new message from the Earthlings of… » 6/25/14 3:45pm 6/25/14 3:45pm

Alien Probes Could Already Be In Our Solar System According To Math

If you've been trying to recall what makes theoretical math super fun, here's a reminder. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh published a paper in the International Journal of Astrobiology that examines how long it would take Voyager-sized probes to bop around the Milky Way and eventually encounter our solar… » 7/21/13 11:30am 7/21/13 11:30am

Congress Probes FCC Commissioner Baker's Jump to Comcast

The drama over FCC Commissioner Baker's jump to Comcast continues to unfold. Congress has now begun a probe in order to "gain a better understanding of the rules that govern Commissioner Baker's departure"—and the response deadline is May 31st. Good on ya, Congress, it's about time to get some answers. [Ars Technica] » 5/20/11 8:04pm 5/20/11 8:04pm

Study Finds That One-Third Of Taser Victims Need Medical Attention

Only days after Taser International was found liable in a wrongful death suit, a new study conducted by CBC News/Radio-Canada and the Canadian Press have concluded that one in three people shot by a Taser require medical attention. The information was gathered from RCMP incident reports filed between 2002 and 2007. Of… » 6/19/08 4:30pm 6/19/08 4:30pm

NASA Preparing to Fire Solar System's Unluckiest Probe Ever Into the Sun

Believe it or not, humanity has never fired a probe directly into the Sun. By 2015, NASA hopes to check that interstellar bucket list item with Solar Probe+ (pronounced Solar Probe plus), a heat-resistant spacecraft "designed to plunge deep into the sun's atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first… » 6/15/08 1:00pm 6/15/08 1:00pm

First Time Jitters Cause Inaugural Mars Lander Load To Miss Target

Our favorite Martian gadget of the moment is experiencing some performance anxiety. While all of Phoenix's parts are working just fine, including the 8-foot scoop arm, the little guy just couldn't seal the deal when NASA scientists gave the green light to scoop dirt and put the bun in the oven. None of the inaugural… » 6/08/08 11:30am 6/08/08 11:30am

Seagate Boosts Storage Capacity with Laser-based Hard Drives

You may take them for granted, but hard drives are inside most of our favorite gadgets, from our MP3 players to our DVRs, which is why we envy the folks at Wired who recently got a tour of Seagate's R&D labs. The company is apparently working on new drives that would rely on heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR),… » 1/03/07 5:46pm 1/03/07 5:46pm