The Insane Morgan Freeman iPad Painting: An Investigation in Four Acts

If you've been on the internet in the past month, chances are you've seen a remarkably lifelike portrait of Morgan Freeman painted entirely with the iPad app Procreate. It's so unbelievably similar to the photo that inspired it that many have, quite literally, been unable to believe their eyes. But is there any… » 12/20/13 4:33pm 12/20/13 4:33pm

This Incredible Portrait of Morgan Freeman Was Painted on an iPad

Remember iPad art? Like those New Yorker covers that look, well, basically just okay? Or the hobby that David Hockney had for like ten seconds? Well British artist Kyle Lambert's been practicing, and he's gotten good. Like, photorealism good. » 12/02/13 3:24pm 12/02/13 3:24pm