Toshiba IK-HD1 is World's Smallest HDTV Camera

With vital measurements of 1-6-inches cubed and 2.3-ounces in weight, Toshiba's IK-HD1 waltzes in to easily steal the "Smallest HDTV Camera, Ever" title. Packed to the miniature eyeballs with three CCD chips, the 1K-HD1 can capture video at broadcast-quality at 1080i, but it won't be making its way to your camcorder… » 4/06/08 12:59am 4/06/08 12:59am

Epocrates and Apple Bringing iPhone App for Medical Professionals

Epocrates is working directly with those fruity chaps at Apple, in the hope of bringing an application for medical professionals to the iPhone. The app will support a drug search feature, as well as providing updates with recent, relevant medical information. Epocrates is one of the few companies that is working… » 3/07/08 5:25am 3/07/08 5:25am

Windows Mobile Editions Get Less Confusing Names: Professional,…

Trying to explain the difference between Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone edition is like Paris Hilton trying to explain what she does for a living. Good news though, as Microsoft's trying to make it easier on everyone by renaming their WM6 Crossbow editions to Professional, Standard,… » 1/29/07 6:10pm 1/29/07 6:10pm

Philips TSU9600 Pronto Professional is the Mega Remote

Philips's latest Pronto is a bit like Hulk Hogan, big, beefy, and shiny on top. Instead of 24 inch pythons, it has a 640 by 480 pixel touchscreen that's only 3.7-inches big. That's a whole lotta pixels per square inch, meaning the screen is going to be sharp as heck. The controller can link wave files to each button,… » 8/29/06 2:12am 8/29/06 2:12am