Epocrates and Apple Bringing iPhone App for Medical Professionals

Epocrates is working directly with those fruity chaps at Apple, in the hope of bringing an application for medical professionals to the iPhone. The app will support a drug search feature, as well as providing updates with recent, relevant medical information. Epocrates is one of the few companies that is working… »3/07/08 5:25am3/07/08 5:25am

Windows Mobile Editions Get Less Confusing Names: Professional, Standard and Classic

Trying to explain the difference between Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone edition is like Paris Hilton trying to explain what she does for a living. Good news though, as Microsoft's trying to make it easier on everyone by renaming their WM6 Crossbow editions to Professional, Standard,… »1/29/07 6:10pm1/29/07 6:10pm