Nintendo Makes $1.6 Million Per Employee (Better Than Google)

A few years back I read an enlightening article on Red Bull detailing how a series of brilliant steps turned a cough syrup soda into a world-leading energy drink. At the time, their factory employees generated $1 million apiece—a figure that almost makes sense when weighing the cost of mandatory personnel alone. Now… »9/16/08 9:15am9/16/08 9:15am

Current Profits For Game Publishing Puts Nintendo Up Front With Infinite Gold Cheat

These are the current software »7/29/08 8:55pm7/29/08 8:55pm profits for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony based on first-party game titles published under their banner. It's much like the hardware situation, with Nintendo up front with an uncountable amount of money, Microsoft somewhere in the middle with a deficit, and Sony pulling up the rear with…

Motorola's Revenues Down 4 Quarters in a Row, May See Early Termination Fees For Ed Zander

Motorola's revenues were down 19% from a year earlier, reporting a second quarter loss of $28 million. You'd think making the same phone 19 times would guarantee big money, but we guess not! As we said around the RAZR2 launch, the phone is just another RAZR design evolution, not something drastically different enough… »7/19/07 1:23pm7/19/07 1:23pm