The First Ever Electronically Stored Program Ran 65 Years Ago Today

Sixty five years ago, in a cluttered lab in Manchester, UK, three scientists changed the world of computing forever. Working with a machine they'd built and nicknamed Baby, they ran the first ever program to be stored electronically in a computer's memory. » 6/21/13 5:21am 6/21/13 5:21am

The Only Film Camera I Would Kill to Own

I can't put this Hasselblad 500EL in my pocket. And I can't use it to snap shots on a daily basis—it will cost a gazillion dollars on film and development. But I would love to have one at home. Just to look at it. It's a work of art. And it was used in the Apollo program. You know. On the Moon. » 5/16/12 8:20pm 5/16/12 8:20pm